Each custom fitness plan uses 2-3 different modalities during their sessions. No matter their age or ability, each modality is adjusted to each patient. Longer times of movement, harder obstacle courses, higher or lower water levels in the underwater treadmill, etc. Finding the right level of difficulty and duration will change for each pet as their time goes on. Always changing and growing.

Underwater Treadmill: By using water's natural resistance and buoyancy, we can alter the same exercise for both sporting and geriatric dogs. By changing the water level you can support a dog so much more. Or adding jets to increase the resistance level to promote a challenge. 

Therapeutic Laser: Laser therapy is used in patients for a number of reasons. It can help an open would heal quickly and it can take away the inflammation from in injured joint.  

NMES: Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation can help keep muscles from atrophying from limb weakness. 

Core Balance Work: Balance work helps to strengthen your pets core and back muscles. We can focus on working the front and/or back end during these workouts, whichever muscle group needs the most help.